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Lobbying for Good & Sustaining for life.

Our Vision

is to guide and empower companies operate responsibly, advance global sustainability goals and make the right decision every time through a results-driven approach that drives system change and establishes transformational strategies
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Patriot Business Theme

Areas of Expertise

Social Intelligence

We help businesses use foresight to make smarter decisions through understanding business real value, customers, competitors, and market

Climate Change

We support activities on climate change by developing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to climate impacts

Gender Equality

We promote gender equality in the workplace to achieve broadly equal opportunities and outcomes for women and men

Human Rights

We support tackling human rights challenges and help businesses in all sectors to meet and exceed global human rights standards

Measuring Impact

We enlighten the importance and methodologies of measuring the effectiveness of businesses activities and the impact that can be attributed

Public Awareness & Social Dialogue

WE cultivate the public awareness related to sustainability and social dialogue engagement to effectively contribute to the world we all want

Our Services


Sustainable development can be the foundation for success advancement, innovation, and profitability of organizations. Hence organizations need a system they can depend on so as to identify opportunities and threats and to develop, implement, control, and improve Corporates’ sustainability strategies

Green Marketing and Strategic Communication

We offer a rare combination of sustainability expertise, design and creative communications to bring about a range of services for target audiences across all media outlets and digital media platforms.

Reporting and Communications

A focus on corporate sustainability helps organizations manage their social and environmental impacts and enhance operating efficiency through a principled approach. Our services support organizations to think strategically about Sustainability reporting and maximize the value of the reporting process and outputs.

Patriot’s Sustainable IT Solutions

AS there is no substitute for a well-designed and well-supported technology environment, we offer a Customized IT solutions to help Organization get the most out of information technology.

Impact Analysis, Assessment and Reporting

Based on evidence-backed sources and credible statistics, we conduct industry and product-specific comparative quantitative and qualitative analyses and hand organizations insights to be used to strive for better impact.

Partnerships and Program’s Development

We offer full representation of your organization in front of the communities of civil society and UN agencies, in addition to holding partnerships to integrate, amplify and enhance the impact.

Training, Professional Development and Coaching

We help build your company’s capability and skills through separate and distinct training modules as well as structured training packages.


Focusing on robust evidence and actionable insights, we investigate emerging issues and generate solutions for business to build a sustainable world and enable every one a better future.

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Patriot Youth Engagement Program

In patriot we believe in power of youth in changing our reality and creating the world we all want. Our youth engagement program is tailored to engage youth with knowledge and enable them the sense of experience. As we believe knowledge is our nation way forward, We also believe that Youth are the leaders who will take such knowledge into action.

Available Opportunity “Social Restructure Initiative

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“Business advancing the SDGs”

Businesses are engaged but need tools and trainings


Aware of the SDGs and its importance to sustain their businesses


Involved in planing actions


Setting their goals


Identified the tools needed

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