Arab Sustainable Development Week (3rd Edition) Culture of Sustainability in the Arab world Challenges and opportunities

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The League of Arab States is organizing the third edition of the Arab Sustainable Development Week in cooperation with Egypt’s Ministry of Planning, the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Union from 3 to 6 November 2019 in Cairo.

We are honored to participate in the second day of the Arab Sustainable Development Week through a panel Discussion with summits of experienced speakers to discuss and exchange experiences on the culture of sustainability in the Arab world; how the local contexts of Arab countries support advancing the SDGs with a deep focus on challenges and opportunities that should help Arab countries best achieve the SDGs 2030 and their advance development plans.

Our panel discussion will be moderated by Mr. Muhammad Al-Fouly the Chief Executive Officer of Patriot Sustainability Consultancy who will host Prof. Ahmed Kamaly the Deputy Minister for Planning Affairs at the Ministry of Planning and Professor of Economics at the American University in Cairo, Prof. Sherine Al-Shawarby the Professor of economics at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in Cairo University, Ms. Sina Hbous the Head of Sustainable Development Department and Advisor to Chairman at Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority, Dr. Wessam El-Beih the Country Director at Drosos Foundation, and Amb. Sherin Saad Allah the Senior Resource Mobilization and Partnership Adviser at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Arab States Regional Office (ASRO)

The Session will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction on the culture of sustainability and the essential commitment to social responsibility
  • How our Arab local context is affecting the advancement of the SDGs 2030, does our local context and inherited culture support or prevent the advancement of the SDGs 2030
  • The role of business and civil society organizations in empowering the culture of sustainability
  • Examples from different Arab countries on challenges and opportunities with a focus on Gender Equality, Education, Climate action and peace and strong institutions
  • Global tools and practices that support the culture of sustainability SROI / Green-Bonds / Responsible Banking /PRME