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Goal 3: Good health and well-being | SDGs 2030

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Support Goal 3: Good health and well-being

How can business contribute to good health and well-being?
1. Ensure safe working environment
Undertake the necessary safety measures to prevent all possible injuries and fatalities that could happen at the workplace, provide decent health care coverage to the workers. Also ensure that working environment does not have any negative health impact on the employees (no air pollution or hazardous waste take place). Take care about mental health of the employees by providing mental health services for them.

2. Develop products and services
For example food producers can develop fortified foods to end malnutrition. Focus on low income communities and provide products and services under affordable prices. It is important to ensure that products and services comply with all relevant standards. Develop applications that can facilitate the access to medical services for people.

3. Collaboration
Initiate health-care programs or join one that already exists. Donate in development of health-care infrastructure or partner with it by sharing knowledge and information upon the well-being of workers. Ensure access to nutritional foods and medicines by the local communities.

4. Encourage healthy behavior
Adopt healthy habits at the workplace, such as no smoke policy. Provide space for recreation or meditation for employees and green areas or rooftops if possible. Include healthy meals or vegetarian options at lunches.