SDGs 2030

Goal 4: Quality Education | SDGs 2030

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How business can contribute to quality education?

1. Ensure access to learning opportunities among employees
Provide employees with the opportunity to attend courses by partnering with local universities. Organize training workshops, especially for vulnerable groups, including women, economically disadvantaged groups and LGBT community.

2. Ensure zero child labor across the supply chain
Adopt policies on the decent wages for workers which can help to prevent child labor and support the education for dependents.

3. Support educational workforce
Set up training programs for teachers to ensure the quality education. Develop programs focused on specially added children, economically disadvantaged communities and women. Assist with teaching and invest in local schools.

4. Provide products and services
Develop open source teaching materials for developing countries and populations with poor level of education so it could be reached by people through internet. Develop web tools, online courses and applications for distant learning.

5. Improve youth access to professional trainings
Provide internships, after school tutoring and field trips through the office. Hire locally to provide future decent jobs for young generation.