SDGs 2030

Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation | SDGs 2030

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How business can contribute to clean water and sanitation?
1.      Be aware of your own impact
Monitor and report on the organization`s water use and its impact on water resources. Be aware of own operations that can potentially harm water-based ecosystems and respect applicable environmental laws governing the protection of them.
2.      Save water
Keep water use low by using technologies as shutting taps, water efficient equipment and dual flush. Consider the wastewater use in company`s operations whenever it is possible.
3.      Take part in protection of water-based ecosystems
Take measures that can reduce and prevent risks of water pollution. For example, speak to your cleaning contractor and switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products.
4.      Take care about stakeholders
Ensure access to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) services for local vulnerable populations. Collaborate with Governments, other businesses, NGOs to devise plans that ensure adequate provision of them. Support projects to improve the lives of people and communities in your supply chain.
5.      Spread awareness
Organize workshops and share the tips to raise awareness about the importance of conserving water.
6.    Invest
Invest or donate to local water or nature conservation society.