SDGs 2030

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy | SDGs 2030

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How business can contribute to clean energy?
1.      Increase own energy efficiency
Start with turning off the appliances and lights in the rooms when they are not in use. Use energy efficiency improvements in the offices such as smart building management systems, LED lighting and power quality optimization.
2.      Source energy from renewables
Switch from the on-grid system to a clean energy source. Generate your own power if you have a chance to do it.
3.      Inspire others
Become an example for the peers. Support clean energy use across your supply chain through suppliers’ selection and inspire stakeholders to take action too.
4.      Offer clean products and services
To ensure access to sustainable energy for all, you can offer your own services and products. Set the right levels of affordability for them to help marginalized and disadvantaged groups with their switching to the clean energy.
5.      Donate
Donate some part of the profits to charities working on advocating for and providing renewable energy.