SDGs 2030

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth | SDGs 2030

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How business can contribute to decent work and economic growth?
1.      Support decent working conditions
Identify areas at greatest risk of labor rights violations across the whole business and supply chain and take the appropriate actions. Put in place measures to track, prevent and address any issues that stop employees from having decent working conditions. Establish an industry framework agreement that ensures that all suppliers and subsidiaries fall under the same international industry standard on labor rights and workers receive the living wages.
2.      Establish effective partnership
Government has a central role in protecting decent work, and business should proactively engage with government and other stakeholders to support regulatory measures improving work conditions.
3.      Educate and train
Offer the trainings to the labor force, especially focusing on the vulnerable and economically disadvantaged groups. Send the staff to volunteer in schools to improve the quality of education.
4.      Support economically disadvantaged groups
Establish programs for building skills of economically disadvantaged groups (women, youth, people with disabilities, the elderly, ethnic minorities). Ensure inclusiveness and address localized inequalities. Provide targeted internships and employment opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
5.      Create decent jobs
Invest in growing businesses, shift to strategic suppliers in labor-intensive sectors and expand company`s operations into areas with high rates of unemployment. Source from small local suppliers.
6.      Drive economic growth
Invest in R&D (Research and Development), upgrade skills and support growing businesses.