SDGs 2030

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure | SDGs 2030

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How business can contribute to industry, innovation and infrastructure?
1.      Public-private collaboration
Collaboration between private sector and Government is one of the most effective ways of upgrading city infrastructure. Businesses can bring in new technologies, skills and knowledge, offer sustainable solutions and innovative methods for the existing challenges.
2.      Transfer technologies and skills
Business can support skills transfer and develop labor markets by establishing trainings and apprenticeship programs. For developing countries it would be essential to build manufacturing sites in remote areas and establish production facilities to raise exports from the country.
3.      Create innovation systems
To upgrade the system business can pool financial and research resources in a global knowledge base, foster entrepreneurship within the company itself and finance external innovative enterprises. Understand areas of urban needs that can be addressed with innovative solutions, such as access to clean water or support of climate-smart practices for farmers.
4.      Upgrade own infrastructure
Retrofit assets and supply chain operations in the company`s infrastructure to increase resource-use efficiency and ensure greater adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and industrial processes. Develop analytics for the whole life infrastructure efficiency and share learnings with relevant stakeholders in developing markets.