Salt and food are in a mutual necessity kind of relation, If you need a perfect meal you should no doubt consider salt in your food, Such relation is meant for perfection, To enable you the best experience and also to fill in necessary needs for your body to live.

normally the default in this relation is to add salt to food, yet in some cases people can eat without salt, Mostly this will be a medical advice. It’s not how things should be, avoiding salt in food is not the rule; It is the exception.

In world of Sustainability and social responsibility , the relation between SR and community culture is like salt & food. There is no means of efforts and practices of sustainability if the community culture is not developed to accept such critical change.

In the world of sustainability we have what we call “local context”, that is why in Europe the term sustainability is easily going and in MENA region it faces lots of challenges. Community awareness in both areas is very different, the concept of stakeholder rights almost doesn’t exist in MENA.

In some places only some of the population are aware of sustainability, consumer rights, stakeholders rights and know the dimension of social media impact. Yet in other areas of the world, majority do not even know those terms and they do not even care to know.

Getting in details for this topic may take hours and thousands of lines to write and discuss; if we take an example of business engagement with sustainability and organizational social responsibility, we will reach the very known challenge of charity or philanthropy Vs social responsibility. Development and sustainability experts in MENA region always refer difficulties for business transformation from philanthropy to social responsibility to the fact that majority of businesses are family business that operates for ages and contribute to their community in a non-strategic way called philanthropy without any consideration for their stake holders needs or their nearby community’s needs. Such business are operating for ages and still growing without a hassle and without being within a strategic framework of sustainability.

Well, the question here is not the family business type, It is no doubt the community culture that rules the business kind of move. It is the business pure method of thinking profit that is all directed by the culture of consumers and their awareness of their rights to know, share and being considered.

In one of the recent cases of a large manufacturing company of food products where the government found tons of rotten tomatoes used for making ketchup and the social media focused for weeks on the manufacturers kind of cheat and irresponsibility towards the consumers, It took only few weeks for a call to boycott the product and just stop using it in a form of revenge not a form of to call for attention and ask business to highly consider consumers rights in their business practices. the impact created by social media and the call to boycott the product soon ended to nowhere and created zero impact; the minute the company came out with a release of it was false reference and the government re-facilitated the company’s license to operate again, People forgot the whole case and went back to consume the product without any problem.


The point here is not the company’s mess operation and discrimination towards its consumers rights in a healthy up to standard kind of product, the point is in the community awareness of their rights and their believe in the necessity of all businesses to operate in a sustainable socially responsible manner for the sake of good for the consumers and the business itself.

Teaching community is the most important need for now, taking into consideration the huge differences between different areas of the world or what we call “local Context” has become a necessity. When we plan for the whole world through global initiative to advance sustainability and face our global challenges, we should put in mind that those initiatives are necessary for a better world for all, yet might not be a real need in some places of the world if we do not raise the public awareness related at first.

We all now have a big problem in believe Vs Pretend; this is the exception part in relation

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