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is to guide and empower companies operate responsibly, advance global sustainability goals and make the right decision every time through a results-driven approach that drives system change and establishes transformational strategies

Sustainable development can be the foundation for success advancement, innovation, and profitability of organizations. Hence organizations need a system they can depend on so as to identify opportunities and threats and to develop, implement, control, and improve Corporates’ sustainability strategies.

I. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy development

Formulate custom-designed CSR and sustainability strategy that is aligned with the organization’s mission, business culture, environment, and operating conditions.

II. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) Strategy Implementation Support

Offer profound implementation interventions and coordinate multi-stakeholder and cross-functional approaches to ensure proper implementation of sustainability roadmap.

III. Social Impact Assessment

Analyze, monitor and report project’s social impact, both positive and negative, and the measures proposed to mitigate potential impacts of the project.

IV. Stakeholders engagement

Help organizations develop profound, proactive and meaningful engagement with corresponding stakeholders groups to facilitate and maintain open dialogue.

A focus on corporate sustainability helps organizations manage their social and environmental impacts and enhance operating efficiency through a principled approach. Our services support organizations to think strategically about Sustainability reporting and maximize the value of the reporting process and outputs.

I. Corporate Sustainability Report /GRI- G4 with or without consultation

Provide an optimal basis for most sustainable investment approaches such as economic, environmental, social, and governance integration.

II. Business reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Help organizations to incorporate SDG reporting into their existing processes, ultimately empowering them to act and make achieving the SDGs in reality.

III. Writing data assurance reports on a GRI-G4 sustainability report

Ensures the credibility and reliability of data used while reporting on organization’s sustainability.

IV. Business Reporting on SDGs/GRI-SDGs report

Integrate SDGs with corporates sustainability report with the aim to accelerate corporate reporting on the global goals and leverage the GRI standards.

V. Stock Exchange reporting (Dow Jones/ London stock exchange/EGX)

Allow securities dealers to efficiently fulfill their legal reporting obligations for transactions and transmissions of orders.

VI. Environmental Compliance Reports

Ensure alignment of organization’s activities with the environmental laws, regulations, and standards and validate the compliance data.

VII. Organization Assessment Report

We help build your company’s capability and skills through separate and distinct training modules as well as structured training packages.

I. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Developing solid understanding of the fundamentals and guiding principles of Sustainability and CSR and how to successfully implement and integrate them with organization’s strategy.

II. ISO 26000

Incorporating ethics, accountability, and transparency throughout day-to-day operations in order to create shared value and establish positive impact.

III. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Guiding organizations on principles of gender equality, women empowerment and its effect on economies, achieving goals for development, sustainability and human rights.

IV. SDGs Awareness and Implementation

The Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

V. SDGs Business advancement
V. Value driven operational Leadership

A focus on building three areas of leadership expertise, namely values driven leadership, sustainability management, and business conduct and anticorruption.

VI. Anti-corruption assessment, policy writing and implementation

Provide solid understanding on the development of corporate policy which demonstrates a commitment against all forms of corruption, self-assessment methods and effective implementation.

VII. Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Understanding the SROI principles and methods of application to measure organization’s impact and monetize the change created to have a comprehensive view of the total return on investment.

VIII. Minimum standards of ethics

Enables organizations to be self-regulatory, make moral decisions, turn ethical decisions into professional practices, and influence the ethical behavior of organization’s members.

IX. Corporate Governance and standards of ethics

Integrating ethics into the key components of business strategies while ensuring the environmental, cultural, and social structures of communities are taken into consideration.

We offer a rare combination of sustainability expertise, design and creative communications to bring about a range of services for target audiences across all media outlets and digital media platforms.

I. Green Marketing

The process of selling products and/or services based on the environmental benefits. Such a product or service may be inherently environmental-friendly or produced in an eco-friendly way.

II. Social Marketing and outstanding social engagement

Fostering sustainable behaviors and marketing tools on evaluation, strategy, and exploration of marketing plans to establish an impact on the behavior of the consumers.

III. Repositioning socially

We conduct thorough assessment of the current organization’s strategy, structure, documents and processes to develop a strategic plan that aims to re position organizations.

I. Social return on investment (SROI)

SROI is a recognized methodology that measures the organization’s impact on societies and the extent to which social impacts are being achieved.

II. Materiality review

Help organizations to identify and prioritize the most relevant sustainability issues, taking into account the impact every issue on the organization and on its stakeholders.

III. Benchmarking

Conduct industry and product-specific comparative quantitative and qualitative analyses to provide organization with insights and challenges they can use to strive for better impact.

IV. Developing and designing case studies and success stories

Create your success story with regard to sustainability, and turn it into world-class case study to showcase your company’s thought leadership and earn the trust of stakeholders.

AS there is no substitute for a well-designed and well-supported technology environment, we offer a customized IT solutions to help organization get the most out of information technology.

I. Website Development
II. Mobile Apps
III. Social Media
IV. Digital communication
V. Internal Communications
VI. Creative Video Making

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We offer full representation of your organization in front of the communities of civil society and UN agencies, in addition to holding partnerships to integrate, amplify and enhance the impact.

• Program design, models and frameworks
• Strategy development
• Process improvements
• Reporting and communications
• Strategic partnerships

Focusing on robust evidence and actionable insights, we investigate emerging issues and generate solutions for business to build a sustainable world and enable every one a better future.